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Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast

Oct 24, 2019

Thank you for listening to the first Stubby Episode!  We wanted a better way of answering questions that we get from all of you, our listeners.  We hope that you enjoy this short form episode and join in by sending in your own questions!  

This weeks Stubby is answering the question about how to deal with Wet 7018s.  


Thank you to CK Worldwide for sponsoring this Stubby!  

Be sure to check out for all you Tig Torch needs.  All of us here on the podcast really enjoy using CK products.  If you're heading to Fabtech 2019 be sure to stop in the CK booth (B33015) to see for yourself all the different kinds of products they offer to this great industry!  


If you would like to send in your questions please send them to and please use Stubby in the Subject Line!