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Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast

Sep 26, 2016

Hi and Thanks for listening to episode 10 of the the Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast.  We wanted to talk about what people call Cheats.  Whenever we post pictures with a turntable or a larger cup someone always has something to say about it, so we just wanted to bring it out into the open and hear our take on these things.  We hope you enjoy this podcast and learn a thing or two about some things that you might not have known about.  So Download, put those earbuds in, drop your hood, and enjoy!

Show Times and Notes:
  • 0:00-0:45      Introduction
  • 0:45-1:55      No such thing as Cheating
  • 1:55-7:50      Turntable Welding
  • 7:50-11:40     Chill Blocks
  • 11:40-13:28   Purge Blocks and Fixtures
  • 13:28-15:01   Aluminum angle blocks
  • 15:01-16:31   Rush's angle block
  • 16:31-17:30   Corner joint fixture
  • 17:30-18:28   Armrest
  • 18:28-19:12   The perfect welding chair
  • 19:12-23:54   Big Cups
  • 23:54-25:00   Purple Titanium
  • 25:00-26:40   Back to Big Cups
  • 26:40-28:08   Clear Cups
  • 28:08-31:09   Scotchbright Diffuser
  • 31:09-35:12   Bent tungstens
  • 35:12-39:22   Palm slider
  • 39:22-40:05   Flame Tech resistant torch track
  • 40:05-40:22   Make something to try it
  • 40:22-41:27   JD's shop and running your own shop
  • 41:27-43:25   A good table
  • 43:25-44:29   Cold wire feeder
  • 44:29-46:05   Tig Pen
  • 46:05-47:20   Wire straightener
  • 47:20-47:57   Bodo Hand Wire Feeder 
  • 47:57-49:01   Pie cut tacking fixture
  • 49:01-49:58   Rush's back purging tacking
  • 49:58-50:44   Closing
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Where can you find a Fupa Cup?


If you're thinking of buying a Fupa Cup that we had talked about head over to and pick up a set.  You wont be disappointing in this purchase.  I like to use a Fupa cup for all my stainless welding.  The gas flow that comes out of this cup is great!  Really helps stabilize puddle control and flow.  Again, you wont be disappointed with this purchase.  After you weld with one you'll wonder why you waited so long.   -Roy Crumrine  Crummy Welding  


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over seven years ago

Enjoyed every minute.
I need to listen to it a few times for it to all sink in with so much good information,thanks guys and girls.

Do you think you guys could go over the cost of running transformer vs inverter welders for small shops that do maybe only 6-10 hrs of arc time per week ???

I have a older transformer machine lincoln Tig square wave 275,looking at buying a newer inverter based machine,do you think the power savings will offset the cost enuff in a small shop to upgrade.
Looking at a Miller Dynasty 350DX

over seven years ago

Thanks for another awesome podcast,i like the derversity of you guys and wear you have all worked its bringing exspereance from all around the welding trade.

Its not cheeting if it helps put more food on the table !!!!