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Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast

Nov 7, 2016

HI and Thanks for listening to episode 16 of the Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast!  We have had a very common theme with all the guests we've had on so far.  Everyone has all said paying attention to all the small details is one of their main reasons for being a successful weldor.  Rush Kane had said 95% is the prep and %5 is the welding.  When you see his work you know he can't be wrong.  We wanted to really dive into this theory and explain how we Sweat the Details on our jobs and with our welding.  This mindset can be very important and really step your game up to the next level in welding.  Sometimes it can be as simple as stepping back and thinking about what to do before doing it.  So download this episode, hit play, drop your hood, and Enjoy!    
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Jonathan, Roy and Jody
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Show times and Notes
  • 0:00-0:42            Introduction
  • 0:42-1:54            What is Sweating the Details?
  • 1:54-3:06            Details for Tig
  • 3:06-6:58            Having your own setup
  • 6:58-9:38            Wire brushes
  • 9:38-10:35          Separated shop
  • 10:35-12:45        Clean the edge
  • 12:45-13:34        Do the steps needed
  • 13:34-17:34        Do your job Right!
  • 17:34-19:00        Chemical cleaning
  • 19:00-22:17        Details for Aluminum 
  • 22:17-24:48        Cleaning your wire
  • 24:48-26:48        What is Etching?
  • 26:48-29:27        Ultrasonic cleaning
  • 29:27-30:34        Exposer rates
  • 30:34-36:02        Details with Mig and Mill Scale
  • 36:02-37:01        3M Bristle Brush Wheel
  • 37:01-38:44        Know the end results
  • 38:44-40:26        What is DA Grinding?
  • 40:26-41:18        Managers never understand
  • 41:18-43:27        Time in a Can
  • 43:27-46:13        Right wire size
  • 46:13-47:01        Jonathan's details
  • 47:01-55:42        Changing your liners and tips
  • 55:42-56:34        Doing your own Liner Pull Test
  • 56:34-59:02        Down and Dirty Tip
  • 59:02-1:02:26     Clips the wire or not
  • 1:02:26-1:03:32  Take care of the shop you're in
  • 1:03:32-1:04:19  Watch the scratches 
  • 1:04:19-1:06:13  Welding on a Table!
  • 1:06:13-1:09:30  Getting a good ground 
  • 1:09:30-1:10:41  Boat owners
  • 1:10:41-1:11:55  Stick Details (ICWeld Tips)
  • 1:11:55-1:17:29  Wrapping it up
  • 1:17:29-1:18:30  Closing
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Where can you find a Tig Finger?

You can find Tig fingers and other great welding supplies, like stubby gas lens kits, here at this link  All of which are great tools to have in your job toolbox and also your home shop box.


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almost seven years ago

I just opened the page and it wasn't here yet. Refreshed, and boom, newest pod cast. Haven't even listened yet and I know it will be good. Thanks guys. :)