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Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast

Nov 21, 2016

Hi and thanks for listening to episode 18 of the Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast.  For this weeks episode we wanted to talk about the importance of tolerances.  Just because you can lay a nice bead doesn't mean the part is good if you can't hold dimensions.  Hope you can pick up a few tips from this talk to help up your game or just realize the importance of paying attention to dimensional details.  So download, pop in those earbuds, hit play, drop your hood, and enjoy!

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Jonathan, Roy and Jody

Show Times and Notes
  • 0:00-1:30              Introduction
  • 1:30-2:44              Welding sequence
  • 2:44-4:46              Go to the Max
  • 4:46-6:41              It shrinks
  • 6:41-8:41             Welding Distortion Fundamentals
  • 8:41-9:33              Better to be a little over to start
  • 9:33-10:08            Mr. Shrink
  • 10:08-10:57          What works for you
  • 10:57-12:34          Magic hammer
  • 12:34-16:00          Has to go back together right
  • 16:00-20:52          Jonathan's tolerances
  • 20:52-21:56          Know the parts you're on
  • 21:56-27:45          Stacking Tolerances
  • 27:45-29:28          One tape pull
  • 29:28-44:08          Fixtures
  • 44:08-46:02          Tolerances on prints
  • 46:02-48:58          Machinist tolerances
  • 48:58-53:13          Tolerances change the price
  • 53:13-54:56          Just make it thicker
  • 54:56-57:02          Writing on a controlled document 
  • 57:02-58:35          Reference Only
  • 58:35-1:00:21       Tape differences
  • 1:00:21-1:02:00    Calibrated tools 
  • 1:02:00-1:06:48    Check your squares
  • 1:06:48-1:07:26    Calibrating a tape
  • 1:07:26-1:08:48    Look at the finale product
  • 1:08:48-1:13:39    Simple tools
  • 1:13:39-1:15:55    Go/No Go gauges
  • 1:15:55-1:18:35    Metrology/GD&T/Six Sigma
  • 1:18:35-1:20:26    Measure twice cut once
  • 1:20:26-1:21:31    Step back and look
  • 1:21:31-1:24:35    First Article  Inspections
  • 1:24:35-1:26:26    Drives the pay up
  • 1:26:26-1:28:17   Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
  • 1:28:17-1:30:02    Wrapping it up
  • 1:30:02-1:30:48    Sponsor Large Time Fab's Welder's Coffee
  • 1:30:48-1:31:57    Closing
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Where can you find a Tig Finger?

You can find Tig fingers and other great welding supplies, like stubby gas lens kits, here at this link  All of which are great tools to have in your job toolbox and also your home shop box.


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