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Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast

Jan 30, 2017

Hi and Thanks for listening to Episode 28 of the Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast.  Every weldor has always wondered what it would be like to be an Underwater Weldor, so we thought this would be a great topic.  Only problem is none of us here on the podcast has any experence with anything to do with even diving so we brought in an expert, Nate Martin.  This is an awesome episode with a ton of information!  We talked about what it's really like to be a diver in today's day and age.  So download, pop those earbuds in, hit play, drop your hood, and enjoy!  

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Show Notes and Times
  • 0:00-1:26            Introduction
  • 1:27-5:11            Nate's beginnings
  • 5:12-10:47          Dry and wet welding
  • 10:48-13:12        Rigging skills
  • 13:13-16:16        Setting the chamber
  • 16:17-17:35        How deep do you weld?
  • 17:26-18:43        Material welded
  • 18:44-19:51        Getting in the chamber
  • 19:52-21:35         Misconceptions of underwater welders
  • 21:36-24:35         Commercial diver jobs
  • 24:36-27:32         Turning a good welder into a diver
  • 27:33-28:57         Turnover rate
  • 28:58-31:34         Average time away
  • 31:35-34:32         Topside verses wet welding
  • 34:33-41:37         Weld testing
  • 41:38-47:15         Testing before each job
  • 47:16-49:08         Welding machines used
  • 49:09-50:11         Template the habitat
  • 50:12-52:59         TIG welding underwater
  • 53:00-53:54         MIG welding underwater
  • 53:55-56:56         How much money can be made?
  • 56:57-59:30         Lifespan of underwater welder
  • 59:31-1:05:54      Compressing/decompressing
  • 1:05:55-1:07:40    Depth pay
  • 1:07:41-1:14:39    Mixed gas dive
  • 1:14:40-1:16:33    Compressed air dive
  • 1:16:34-1:18:07    5 years underwater
  • 1:18:08-1:20:23    Diver first, welder second
  • 1:20:24-1:24:23    Dangers in commercial diving
  • 1:24:24-1:26:55    Safety improvements today
  • 1:26:56-1:29:23    How to get into Commercial Diving
  • 1:29:24-1:31:34    Become a better Tender
  • 1:31:35-1:35:42    Certified Underwater welder?
  • 1:35:43-1:37:02    Not always a rock star
  • 1:37:03-1:39:52    Buy your own Domino's
  • 1:39:53-1:43:00    Wrapping up
  • 1:43:01-1:46:18    Closing
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Diving School 
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