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Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast

Mar 13, 2017

Hey and thanks for listening to episode 34 of the Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast.  For this episode we had a great time chatting with Jimmy Diresta.  Many of you I'm sure have heard of Jimmy but if you haven't you need to head over to YouTube and check out his channel.  You'll find everything from metal working, wood working, and many other things!  We're sure you'll enjoy this chat!  So download, pop those earbuds in, hit play, drop you hood, and enjoy!

Show Notes and Times
  • 0:00-0:48                  Introduction
  • 0:48-4:00                  How Jimmy got into the game
  • 4:00-5:48                  JC Whitney
  • 5:48-9:44                  First welding machines
  • 9:44-14:18                Learning welding Now/Then
  • 14:18-20:13              YouTube
  • 20:13-22:10              Be Undeniable 
  • 22:10-29:04              Trade Education 
  • 29:04-34:06              Being Visual 
  • 34:06-39:57              Approaching a job and Pricing
    39:57-43:06              Job stress
    43:06-47:02              Own Products
    47:02-48:24              Letting Go
    48:24-51:07              Favorite type of work
    41:07-54:28              Used Tools
    54:28-58:32              Size of shop and New Building
    58:32-1:00:25           Jody's Starstruck 
    1:00:25-1:02:53        Meet up with JD
    1:02:53-1:03:43        Instagram
    1:03:43-1:06:27        Welding Stainless
    1:06:27-1:10:55        Sharpen your Tungsten
    1:10:55-1:13:15        Hinges 
    1:13:15-1:20:41        Comments
    1:20:41-1:25:42        Taylor's Furniture
    1:25:42-1:28:54        Best advice given
    1:28:54-1:31:22        Outside work fun
    1:31:22-1:38:22        Best advice would Jimmy Give
    1:38:22-1:46:49        Jimmy's Teaching
    1:46:49-1:52:42        Where can you find Jimmy
    1:52:42-1:54:50        Wrapping it up
    1:54:50-1:56:54        Closing
    Where can you find Jimmy?
    On Instagram @jimmydiresta
    On the Web
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