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Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast

Aug 22, 2016

Hi and Thanks for listening to the Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast.  For episode 5 we were going to be interviewing Joel Bushmann, but he had a few rush things come up and couldn't make it.  Which was completely fine and we understand that jobs come first!  We reached out to Isaac Carrion, ICWeld on Instagram, last minute and he was happy to join in.  This interview was a lot of fun to record and we hope that you enjoy it just as much, so download, put in those earbuds, and drop your hood!  


Show Notes and Times:


  • 0:00-0:53       Introduction
  • 0:53-3:35       What is Isaac's normal day
  • 3:35-4:14       More than just a weldor
  • 4:14-4:54       Radius of work
  • 4:54-5:37       How Isaac got into welding
  • 5:37-10:26     Heavy equipment repair
  • 10:26-15:48   What is Arc Gouging?
  • 15:48-17:14   What machines are you using?
  • 17:14-19:00   Faults in heavy equipment designs
  • 19:00-21:54   Biggest Stresses
  • 21:54-23:30   Keeping it running
  • 23:30-25:28   7018 EPA question
  • 25:28-26:19   Big materials = Big Rod or does it?
  • 26:19-27:47   Chasing a crack
  • 27:47-28:44   Not always proper
  • 28:44-29:30   It lasted for years
  • 29:30-30:07   Helping the next generation of weldors
  • 30:07-31:00   Favorite type of work
  • 31:00-32:11   Worst calls for repairs
  • 32:11-33:13   Just don't shake
  • 33:13-35:41   Clean the tip!
  • 35:41-36:22   Push or Pull while cutting?
  • 32:22-37:15   Certifications
  • 37:15-38:26   Best advice in general
  • 38:26-39:49   Best advice given to Isaac
  • 39:49-40:54   What got you onto Instagram 
  • 40:54-41:45   Where can you find Isaac
  • 41:45:43:22   Closing and Thanks Isaac 
Where you can find more about Isaac Carrion
You can find Isaac on Instagram @ICWeld
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Where can you find a Tig Finger?

You can find Tig fingers and other great welding supplies, like stubby gas lens kits, here at this link  All of which are great tools to have in your job toolbox and also your home shop box.


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